Dojo Kun

Dojo Kun

Words to
live by.

This is the basic training philosophy which needs to be promoted.

Its really the purpose of the training system, to live without conflict while being very able to defend/protect if attacked (when necessary)

The Dojo Kun (Dojo Oath) is a set of statements designed to guide us both in training, and outside the Dojo in our every day lives. These really are ‘words to live by’. The Dojo Kun for the IOGKF was written by Supreme Master, Sensei Higaonna..

Be courageous.

We need courage in the dojo in amounts equal to the courage we need to face situations in our every day lives. If we don’t face these situations using our courage and hide from them, then we are not developing our sense of courage or ourselves.

Practice daily.

Daily practice of karate will bring better and stronger techniques whilst at the same time bring discipline. The kata and unique traditional aspects of the system should be kept intact for future generations.

Train mind and body.

In karate-do, we strive to train our mind to make us better individuals. We should train to achieve power(go) but also strive to be flexible and soft when needed(ju). The Goju Ryu karate-ka should be aware of the Go and Ju in every day life, for example having a strong opinion on something but understanding the opposite. When dealing with other people stand up for what you believe is correct but also be helpful and show understanding, try to achieve a balance.

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